Art concept

The Aristopunk concept


Aristopunk wants to sublimate the everyday life, to disturb the customs, to provoke the thinking and to propose another vision of our environment. It aims at giving to people the envy to re-appropriate the space which surrounds them and to change their philosophy of life.

 Spontaneous urban parties -
The Aristopunk association creates artistic and festive events often "pirates" but always innovative, in the heart of the public place and in special places. At the crossrad between the festive happening and the “bal populaire” our events - real artistic performances - gather several hundreds of persons in the most unexpected places of Paris, Copenhagen, and soon Berlin.
Social networks - The Aristopunk association uses Internet and its multiple social networks to send the invitations. At first a mailing list of regular participants and in the daytime the accustomed and the friends of friends, friends of the office … Always more numerous! The address of the party? Generally a public place: the subway, the banks of the Seine river ... Different artistic events - music, exhibitions, brass bands, dance, V-Jing - give rhythm to the festivities. For a moment of deep and free  creativity ! The participants are proactive : in addition to an original dress code to be respected, they are generally invited to participate to the realization of a collective work.

"At home in the City" - To allow the participants to re-appropriate the public place, to transform a place of transit and passage into a place of exchange, this is the ambition of Aristopunk. Let them come specially for the event or "fall inside" accidentally, either French or foreigners, young people or seniors… during some hours, they will see the urban space otherwise. Friendly, tolerant and multicultural!

Not commercial - The Aristopunk parties are not commercial events and the participants are the only heroes". It is an experience of conviviality and exchange which tries to gather the inhabitants of an  anonymous urban territory, that has become alienating.

Ethics - Aristopunk makes a commitment to assure the safety of places and persons and to leave no track of the party. This ethics is a security of perpetuity and legitimacy of the concept.  

The Aristopunk events

LBBQ Electro - Since 2002 the collective has taken advantage from the sweetness of the summer season which, coupled with the magic of certain Parisian public places, allows the time of an evening to create unique moments of conviviality around a barbecue and a sound system.
Recipe for a successful BBQ Electro (really simple but also a redoubtable efficiency):
A devoted barbecue; thousands of chipolatas and merguez sausages; a sound charmingly concocted by the sharpest DJ; hundreds of nice participants, at the same time punks and aristos, ready to share this exceptional moment up to the end of the night.
How to get a successful dinner :
- choose a charming place in Paris (banks of the Seine river, gardens) lightened by a reddening sun and wrapped by an exotic heat,
- deposit delicately the ingredients of the evening success : the BBQ and the indispensable sound!
- make burn out sausages and let the DJ create a perfectly prickly and spiced sound atmosphere
- let the mixture set slowly … Indeed, from then on, our nice guests, irreparably attracted, should rush very quickly by hundreds in the decoction!
- and now, open all your senses and let snatch you on this delicious evening! Cheers!


Party Terrorists - A party in the underground, you had not dared to dream about it … Aristopunk made it for you! Underground traumatize you and rhyme for you only with coolness, sad daily routine, dirt and forced crowding? Aristopunk proposes you a revolutionary therapy to restore you the smile in our tempestuous Parisian cars: Party Terrorists! A meeting point at a precise schedule and "c’est Party "! Since 2005, Aristopunk and his faithful community have regularly surrounded a subway train during a few hours to make the participants live one of most particular parties of the Parisian night. Sound system, brass bands, festoons, all kinds of cotillions and boosted clubbers allow  to create an unique, delirious and festive moment in a public place.
In October, 2008 the concept is successfully exported! So the organization by Aristopunk of a party in the underground of Copenhagen is a big success. The event arrives at the third rank of the classification of the "Best events of the year" published by the Danish magazine “Cover”!

The Secret Club - Last festive concept of Aristopunk, the Secret Club events suggest to make you discover unknown places thanks to particularly mobile formula of parties. 
These hidden Parisian places are surrounded and glorified by original decorations, chosen DJs and diversified artistic performances. Furthermore, the implementation of an associative bar allows, for smooth price rates (2-3 euros), to quench the thirst and to strength the conviviality of the party.

"Let us catch yourselves! ", that could be the creed of these evenings, which, giving you the luxury of the unexpected, will make you authentic dandies, between the punk and the aristo! 

 About us

An associative organization, scriptwriter of urban, artistic and unusual stories – The associative organization Aristopunk is creating original events, built like stories. These events have systematically an artistic, innovative and unusual programming. Aristopunk Parties are always organized in special places. With a production they value new artistic forms, directly involving the public, and they create links between people from many different origins.
The goal is to change the identity of public places and other improbable festive places, to make people rediscover public places and then transform and divert them so that anyone can appropriate them. At the end each one must perceive these places like living places where exchange, listening and creativity are possible.

Different artistic partnerships
For each event Aristopunk  selects artists from different arts (plastic technicians, DJ’s, musicians, VJ’s, performers…) around a precise theme. Helping to discover new things is what we want to do: the originality of the artists is a major criterion in the choice. We privilege the creators who do not hesitate to push aside the agreements.

A strong community of adepts – Whatever the kind of the event, our audience is always involved.  This because our parties are carefully created in order to generate a real interactivity between the participants, the artistic performers and the Aristopunk team.
There are now even more than 1500 members and 3000 sympathizers in Paris and Copenhagen.


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The history of the adventure

La galerie Asphalt plage - During the summer 2001, “La Galerie Asphalt Plage” was opened in Paris on the edges of the Seine river, close to “Le Pont Neuf” in an artistic Squat Completely renewed and reorganized for the opportunity. Based on a multidisciplinary and innovative programming, the gallery supported art and many kind of creation : photography exhibition, video projection, performances, electro parties… The creative bubbling established by this human adventure was able to develop freely in an exceptional Parisian place… until the violent evacuation realized by the cops. Far from slowing down the motivation of the organizers this lapel constitutes the Aristopunk adventure departure point.

Seven years of urban parties – Since 2001 and the foundation of Aristopunk our innovative approach has confirmed its interest. Just after the closing of “La Galerie Asphalte Plage” we have decided to pursue our city exploration and to launch our famous “Party terrorist”, outside, next to the Seine river, inside the underground during five years long, in a swimming pool, in gardens…  On the 28th of July 2005 took place the 1st Party Terrorist! For the first time a new kind of terrorist attack take place on the 7bis Line: one hundred happy terrorists have surrounded a train with a sound system; the sound system was not able to be defused in time and so made the travelers vibrate during almost 2 hours.
Many of our Parisian events were noticed by national and local media: Le Parisien, Libération, Canal +, Paris Première, France 2, Air France Magazine, a tourism guide of Paris … 

From Paris to Copenhagen… - On October 2008 our international opening is a success. We have organized a party in the Copenhagen underground which has been classified at the Third rank of the “best events of the year” published by the Danish magazine “Cover”. After that we have realized an event in a street of the city center of Copenhagen.

Tomorrow ? -Events will be more festive and more magic in Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and NY City !